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Whats Up With Essential Oils?

Besides reducing muscle pain and tension fast, Body-Trick Muscle Gel is a hydrating gel leaving skin feeling soft and invigorated. The list of essential oils in Muscle Gel is extensive and the reason is that essential oils have been used for centuries to treat and help naturally cure the body of many ailments. We like to share the list because we believe it's important to understand  the product we rubb into our skin and what the product is expected to accomplish. -Sweet Basil- Fluid retention -Black pepper-  Anti-Inflammation -Roman and German Chamomile- Swelling, Wound healing -Citronella- Antiseptic anti fungal, lifts moods -Eucalyptus- Reduce pain  Inflammation  Helps recovery from joint or muscle injury -Ginger root- Pain reliever to muscle induced exercise injury -Pink Grapefruit- Stimulate circulation -Lemongrass- Relive pain -Peppermint- Natural menthol and anti inflammatory -Rosemay- Swelling and stiffness -Spearmint- Anti inflammatory -Wild Oregano- Relive pain Anti inflammatory -Helichrysum Flower- Helps prevent infection