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REJUVEALIVE Hair Tonic for Scalp & Skin


FOR THE SCALP & HAIR~ Infused with essential oils and naturally derived ingredients that have been used for centuries to naturally detox scalp, encourage hair growth, strengthen follicles, and eliminate dandruff. Hair is shiny, frizz free & manageable because tonic absorbs excess sebum and body oils. 

FOR THE SKIN~ Removes excess oil and traces of dirt, bacteria, makeup, dust, pollution, and impurities. Balances the pH level of the skin and pure natural goodness for brighter healthier looking skin.

FOR THE BODY~Mist Tonic over the entire body for an all around refresh that uplifts the spirit and makes you feel refreshed, rejuvinated and alive.

Tea Tree Oil is a powerhouse against dandruff loosening dead skin cells, chemical buildup and yeast eliminatng itchiness, red patches and waxy scales.

Apple Cider Vinegar clarifies the hair shaft making it silky shiny.

White Willow Bark promotes blood circulation in the scalp & supports natural conditions for hair growth cylces. 

Aloe Vera Juice moisturizes hair and skin leaving an all over softer and healthier feel.


REJUVEALIVE Hair Tonic for Scalp & Skin